tekashi 6ix9ine new song gooba is out now

 𖤐 Ahmad 𖤐
The fact that y’all praise 6ix9ine, a non Black person who uses the n word is sad and disgusting. But then again I have to remember y’all praise R Kelly, another pedophile and XXX a serial abuser and shit person. Y’all really have the worst and lowest standards.
alexi cant believe people actually listen to 6ix9ine when hes a pedo n his music is so shit
Clarity Flag of Dominican Republic
Yall be so quick to talk about 6ix9ine’s situation.
But yall the same niggas snitching on your homeboy to try & get w his bitch? Face with raised eyebrow
TinaValentinaPeople upset bout stuff Rich Brian said when he was 12 yrs old but 6ix9ine says nigga in every sentence today at his big age and gets praised.
OfficiallyIceso you guys will let go 6ix9ine being a fucking racist and pedophile after cancelling camila for something she has said several years ago AND apologized? oh well
𝙱𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚗 𝙲𝚘𝚗𝙲𝚛𝚎𝚝𝚎 Broken heartLast time i checked 6iX9ine’s Gooba song it was at 31M views in 21 hours yo a hour has went by and its at 35M views now y’all really are on his dick and mad Loudly crying face
SlimeeTiddieSpecialistIf your mad because #6ix9ine snitched, then your the same kind of person the excepts bullying. Just get bullied and don’t say shit
Chris Dave Jacobz snitch & we all respect it? In deze streets, since the beginnin', if we got problems we handle it in the streets. That way it's our terms u suffer by. This shit crazi,
vikarworldOMG 6IX9INE released a new song using the n world and he's not black apparently! Malaysian Indian social justice warriors, ya'll are the best at this. Do something saints! TWEET AND DRAG TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! (Or do ya'll only do this to local content creators?)
★lana del raheem★When Bobby Shmurda come home I better see all 2m of y’all that viewed 6ix9ine’s live in his someone who didn’t snitch.......Sneezing face
Rebecca *flop era* Clown faceCamila Cabello got a lot of hate for saying the n word at 14 and people are still calling 6ix9ine king? Wtf what is wrong with you people
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Casey KCSparklesI’m not even gon lie, I thought 6ix9ine was gon come out with a reformation of character like John Gabanna(Boonk). A lil humble now considering what he been in and where he’s at now. That could not have been more false


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