Fox news anchor fired - Ed Henry announcement - Fox news anchor fired 2020

Fox News said Wednesday that Ed Henry, one of its top news anchors, had been fired after the network received a complaint last week of sexual harassment from years ago. "On Thursday, June 25, we received a complaint about Ed Henry from a former employee's attorney involving willful sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago," Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace wrote in an email to employees. Read More  Fox News Fires Ed Henry Over Sexual Misconduct Claim Fox News TV and Radio seem to hire a lot of lying propagandists, so it shouldn't surprise anyone if they also hire a lot of sexual deviants ala Ailes and @BillOReilly — fairestofall (@fairestofall3) July 1, 2020
Ed Henry was not a big star on @FoxNews , but losing another employee based on sexual misconduct allegations has to be worrisome. @FoxNews is notorious for employing drop dead gorgeous women. These allegations could never happen in English Canadian media…

Condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, brothers and sisters @iaff4321 @4321Local for this tragic loss. ���� @WalterIAFF @FPF343 #RestInPeace" / Twitter

Death and Obituary : Gen. Charles "CQ" Brown Jr. as the next Air Force

The Senate on Tuesday unanimously confirmed Gen. Charles "CQ" Brown Jr. as the next Air Force chief of staff – marking the first time an African-American officer has served as chief of staff of a military service.
When will we just get passed the point of color..instead of announcing African American just say..”the Air Force got a new chief of staff” and that’s it..we’re all people male and female that’s it..good job and generations shouldn’t have to keep going through what we’ve been fed by history and the media..But only in a world of peace would we have I guess I should just quit hoping for better days.

Before anyone brings up Colin Powell, he was never a service chief. He was chairman of the joint chiefs. He never led an entire branch. The chairman of the joint chiefs is a military figurehead that is a liaison between the president and the military. He is head of the branches but cannot make any military decisions.
I copied this......

While th…

Obituary for May 25- 2020

the affordable care act. That caused thousands of people to lose their insurance, or deleting their dependents off their plans. Liars all liars. Nothing affordable about the “affordable care act”

Tammy Culver  · 0:00 Terri Garcia I thought O'Bama care was supposed to be "affordable". I don't know a single mother with children who can afford
John Patterson Jr.  · 11:47 2018 total medical bills because of Obamacare, $26000. Explain how that is considered affordavle

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Rosemary Kemp Taliaferro  · 17:54 OMG! He is so boring! He can’t put his words together. He forgets what he’s talking about. It’s terrible. Not even discussing any issues. This is bad. His family should intervene

Laura Ott Tucker  · 0:00 Rosemary Kemp Taliaferro I’ve said his wife should stop this. It’s cruel.

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Johnna McGowan Cooper
Johnna McGowan Cooper  · 15:28 Yeah w…

Steve Kerr on the 1982 Murder of his Dad Malcolm Kerr

On the court, Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr didn't have much in common, in terms of their skillsets. But off the court, the two former Chicago Bulls players both had to deal with unspeakable tragedy in their life. For Kerr, his father Malcolm was murdered in Beirut in 1984. Nine years later, James Jordan was murdered in North Carolina. Read Full Story 

Rachel Nichols

"He's gonna shoot this f*cker. He's not going to pass this f*cking ball. No John Paxson, no Steve Kerr. This is his f*cking turn." - Rodman on Michael Jordan's '98 gamewinner

Justin Tinsley
I’ve known that story about Steve Kerr’s dad, but hearing him and his mom document it was super heavy. Then to tie it all the way back in to Jordan passing it to him to seal the ‘97 Finals. Sheesh.

Welp, the Michael Jordan - Steve Kerr connection/relationship/unspoken bond over their fathers is my new favorite untold sports story.

Kevin O'Connor
I’m so glad Last Dance gave so much time to guys lik…

Nevada Earthquake; Huge earthquake struck Nevada Near California

A M1.9 earthquake has been reported by the USGS for 61km W of Tonopah, Nevada. Link:

Breaking News (also not wanted) A 6.4 earthquake has occurred in Nevada.  Felt as far away as San Francisco and Mexico.  No further news available.

ohhh by the way anyone else here on twitter feel the earthquake at 4:04 am I did I was awake because of some raccoons outside........ The Nevada quake was felt for hundreds of miles even here in Grass

What is with these earthquakes in NEVADA WTF
Darren Bratton

What more can u do to us 2020?..Pandemic, murder hornets, cicadas, locusts..& today Nevada had it's worst earthquake in 65 years...
2020: "But wait...there's MORE!" #Armageddon #EndIsNigh #HELP #2020ADisaster #apocalypse

What's up with all the earthquake in nevada today? I've received several emails from
 with different magnitudes.
Is 2020 getting ready to throw us another disaster?

i have an earthqua…

tekashi 6ix9ine new song gooba is out now

Yesterday, 6ix9ine live on instagram, showing off their $ 500,000 watches and Necklaces. And says no one has such a watch. While Lady Gaga wears a $ 30 million necklace and $50 million earrings. — Arthur (@LadyGagaPopNet) May 9, 2020 𖤐 Ahmad 𖤐
The fact that y’all praise 6ix9ine, a non Black person who uses the n word is sad and disgusting. But then again I have to remember y’all praise R Kelly, another pedophile and XXX a serial abuser and shit person. Y’all really have the worst and lowest standards.
alexi cant believe people actually listen to 6ix9ine when hes a pedo n his music is so shit
Clarity Flag of Dominican Republic
Yall be so quick to talk about 6ix9ine’s situation.
But yall the same niggas snitching on your homeboy to try & get w his bitch? Face with raised eyebrow
TinaValentinaPeople upset bout stuff Rich Brian said when he was 12 yrs old but 6ix9ine says nigga in every sentence today at his big age and gets praised.
OfficiallyIceso you guys…