#James Milner, #YNWA #propforward : Great way to kick off the new season

I think his time spent at Liverpool is starting to make people recognise how good he is when utilised properly.
Great way to kick off the new season - a win... and learning a new position... 🤕😜 — James Milner (@JamesMilner) August 12, 2018.
1:06 PM · Aug 12, 2018

#BorisJohnson greets the #media armed with a tray of #mugs amid #burka row

"I have nothing to say about this matter except to offer you some tea..." @BorisJohnson greets the media armed with a tray of mugs amid burka row — ITV News (@itvnews) August 12, 2018 What a end. whip up some racial stuff. Then try to play the laughable idiot ( which he is ) try and take the focus of being a racist prick by shuffling around spouting cup of tea. To think, Some folk regard him as PM material. Makes May look competent which is astounding.

We're coming in hot to #rainbow6siege! #Gogaqt, #FabianR6S, #joonaszki, #BlouPenguin #Kantoraketti,

That's f@*king awesome. Congrats folks. Thank you for uplifting Rainbow Six Siege's esport See you in Paris as we'll be the first to play you under your new tag.

We're coming in hot to #rainbow6siege! @Gogaqt, @FabianR6S, @joonaszki, @BlouPenguin@Kantoraketti, Manager

#LilWayne #WEEZY Tweeted #NickiMinaj #NewAlbum- "#Queen"

You already know the Barbz gonna turn out for C5! #Queen@NICKIMINAJ FULL ALBUM OUT NOW ITUNES: (link: APPLE MUSIC: (link: SPOTIFY: (link:

#Quavo Stuntin released new #song titled Work in Me,

Quavo Stuntin released new song titled Work in Me, This sound like all of his other songs...
Out Now!!!
All Platforms — QuavoYRN (@QuavoStuntin) August 10, 2018

#LauraIngraham Responds to #Demographics Controversy, Disavows #WhiteNationalists, ‘Racist Freak’

Illegal immigration out of control & must be stopped LEGAL IMMIGRATION is out of control & needs to be SCALED BACK What's the controversy? Immigration ISN'T SACRED. Nobody has a right to come & we dont always need it #ImmigrationIsAWeapon.

Is #@DonLemon dating Chris #ChrisCuomo of #CNN, Watch as they kiss each other

What a wonderful surprise from @DonLemon - a real birthday treat! — Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) August 10, 2018
Happy birthday Chris. Was that a chocolate cake that Don so sweetly presented to you? Aww #CNN Observe, America this is brotherly love

Christopher C. Cuomo and Don Lemon